About Us

The HaShimi Hotel is the only hotel in the core or "heart" of the Old City of Jerusalem. The building itself is over 400 years old! But you wouldn't know it once you're inside. The very modern and artistic interior features marble floors, stairs and railings. The entire hotel's color scheme is beautifully done in whites, beiges and maroons, with rich gold detailing. This very attractive and effective design was coordinated by Alan Salhab and his brother Ashruff throughout the hotel to radiate the warmth of Old City Jerusalem luxury.

Guest Benefits
As an honored guest of the HaShimi Hotel, you will no doubt enjoy the brand new AIR-CONDITIONING that makes the "atmosphere" at HaShimi Hotel the BEST in the Old City. You will receive FREE tea whenever you like and FREE luggage storage. You will be able to safeguard your valuables in the HaShimi Hotel's own safe. If you would like, you may prepare your own meals in the fully equipped Community Kitchen or dine in the on-site restaurant.

Brand New Renovations!
The perfectionist owners of HaShimi Hotel have paid attention to all of the details! The whole hotel has been newly renovated and improved from top to bottom. They have added an impressive list of features with a desire to make their guest's stay pleasant. I'm sure that you, as their guest, will benefit from their efforts as well as enjoy and appreciate their results!


If you’re vacationing in Israel to see the religious and historical sites, the HaShimi Hotel will make a terrific base for your travels. For example, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is only 125 yards away! Even many of the New City areas of Jerusalem are close enough to walk to. Personally, I have found Jerusalem to be “smaller” than I thought it would be, but I’ve discovered that there are many more interesting things to see and do than I realized. Staying in the Old City will make touring Jerusalem easier for you. The staff at HaShimi Hotel can arrange your place in organized tours to all areas of Jerusalem. Some are walking tours. Some are by bus to other cities and regions. All of them are great fun!

Versatile and Comfortable Accommodations
The HaShimi Hotel can accommodate many different guest groupings with single, double, triple and quad bed room arrangements. If requested, the single beds can be made into Queen-sized beds.

Hashimi Hotel, Souk Khan El-Zeit 73, Jerusalem, 9745Israel
+972 2 628 4410   [email protected]